About Me

I’m Megan Alicia Stavaru and I’m a first year student at De Montfort University, Leicester , currently studying Textile Design. I’m half Romanian, but from a small village in Norfolk by the sea and countryside. These have always been great places for inspiration for me, from pretty parts of the City and mountains in Brasov, Romania, which is where my father is from, to the quiet peaceful beaches and countryside in East Anglia. I’ve always enjoyed working with different materials and mixed media, particularly organic materials such as twigs, leaves, flowers etc combined with constructed textiles such as knit and weave, which is very popular in Romania.

An artist that has been a huge inspiration for me over a lot of my work is Anya Gallaccio, and her ‘Preserve Beauty’ piece.

preserve 'beauty' 1991-2003 Anya Gallaccio born 1963 Presented by an anonymous donor 2004 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T11829

preserve 'beauty' 1991-2003 Anya Gallaccio born 1963 Presented by an anonymous donor 2004 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T11829

preserve 'beauty' 1991-2003 Anya Gallaccio born 1963 Presented by an anonymous donor 2004 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T11829
‘’Preserve Beauty’ by Anya Gallaccio (figure 1) 

I first discovered her work and fell in love with it after visiting the Tate Modern, London. I love the fact that she uses very raw, organic materials such as flowers and fruits, and i also like the large scale of her work. Using these certain materials comes at a obvious risk of them not preserving, slowly decaying, and over time changing colour and shape. The process is an art form in itself, as it slowly dies and withers, the work still stays alive which I like. This has lead me on to use a similar approach and technique in my own work.

Living by the sea/countryside and spending a lot of time up in the mountains, i have always been inspired by nature and ruff textures which i try to create in my own work, for example, in the past I have made chunky knits with a variety of materials and different sized needles. I recently found a lovely little inspirational book that has let me explore texture a little bit more. This is ‘TEXTURE the essence of wood, linen, stone & wool’.

texture book

‘Texture: The essence of stone, wood, linen & wool’ by Ryland Peters & Small (figure 2)

It’s a great book which puts the ‘textures of the natural world’ (Ryland Peters & Small, 2015), into our homes filled with lovely interior design photographs on almost every page. Its a good way to read and visually learn how to put beautiful interior spaces together, and with interior design being something i would like to go into in the future, the book is perfect for me.

One of my favourite and most inspirational knit/installation artists is Ana Teresa Barboza. I came across her work and instantly fell in love with it. Barboza creates beautiful imagery and landscapes by stitching and knitting, which reminds me very much of my home and Romania.

ana 2ana 1

‘Suspension’ by Ana Teresa Barboza (figure 3)

Barboza’s work is very layered and built up, filled with colour depth and texture. I like the variety of materials each piece gives and her use of different sized needles leaving these large holes throughout the knits. The way she hangs her work is very effective as it shows a nice use of space and movement, which will continue to inspire me overtime.


figure 1 – Anya Gallaccio

‘Preserve Beauty’ 1991–2003


viewed on 14-10-15

figure 2 – Author, Ryland Peters & Small

21st August 2015

Texture: The essence of wood, linen, stone, & wool

Publisher, Cindy Richards


viewed on 17-10-15

figure 3 –  Ana Teresa Barboza

‘Suspension’ 2012


viewed on 21-10-15


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